The Wasie Scholarship Programs

We provide scholarships at specific institutions of higher education. The colleges and universities providing our scholarships operate these programs through endowments and grant funds we provide.
Scholarships are NOT awarded to individuals by our Foundation; and we do NOT select the scholarship recipients. To honor donor intent, scholarships are limited to students of 100% Polish ancestry. Scholarship recipients are selected by the colleges and universities from applicants meeting the criteria established by our donor, Stanley Wasie. Scholarship awards vary from year to year and are based on financial need and other criteria as outlined in the scholarship application materials, as well as funds available.
Information on our scholarship programs cannot be obtained through our Foundation. Interested students must contact the financial aid office at one of the following schools in order to receive application materials:

College of Saint Benedict

College of Saint Scholastica
Duluth, Minnesota Campus Only

Hamline University

Saint Catherine University

Saint John's University

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Winona, Minnesota campus only

William Mitchell College of Law

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